"Keeping the Connection"

About Us

Our Motto: 

"Keeping the Connection".

The Molalla High School Alumni Association was formed to - 

"Enhance higher education opportunities for Molalla High School graduates, through promotion and management of money awards, as scholarships, by the organization."

The Alumni Association consists of everyone who has graduated from Molalla High School.

Membership is open to any person who attended Molalla High School who is interested in, and approves of, the purpose of our organization. This also includes, teachers, staff, board members and friends of Molalla High School.  We welcome your membership.

If you have not been receiving the alumni newsletter or the Spring mailings announcing the Annual Alumni Luncheon, please contact any of the people on this page so we can get your name on our list.  No obligation, just good fun and lots of good memories.

If you need information about the Molalla High School Alumni Association please contact any of the contacts on this page or write to the addresses below.

Association Address:

    Molalla High School Alumni Association
    P.O. Box 454
    Molalla, OR 97038-1050

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    If this link doesn't start up your E-Mail program, you can E-Mail us directly at info@molalla-alumni.org.

Alumni Officers:

President - Susan Delair '64
Vice President - Jenny Villalobos '04
Secretary - Christy Dumolt '88
Treasurer - Nancy Johnson

Board of Directors

3-year term

Jennifer Villalobos '0
Susan Delair '64
Nancy Johnson '77

2-year term

Christy Dumolt '88
Sharon Sanders '62
Dean Kieling 71

1-year term

Tom Sanders '62
Tom Daniels '62
Ken Naylor '55

Standing Committees

Annual Spring Reunions:

Board of Directors


Ken Naylor, ’55

Publicity and Data Base:

Tom Daniels '62
Jennifer Villalobos '04

Scholarship Committee:

Joel Daniels '59, Chairperson
Joan (Dunton) Deardorff '64, Recorder
Julie (Deardorff) Gilkison '92 Funds Manager
Mitch Magenheimer '96, Portfolio Manager
Janet (Naylor) Jordan '82
Publicity Chair

Jess Rickman (honorary alum), Board Member
Ardeth (Trullinger) Woods '55, Board Member
Laurie (Norquist) Surhbier '64, Board Member
Verna (Suhrbier) Vogeltanz '64, Board Member

Newsletter Writer/Editors

Joel Daniels '59
Sharon (Johnson) Sanders '62
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Web Master

Tom Daniels '62   E-Mail Alumni Webmaster     

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