Diana Marie (Nutt) High

Date of birth  - July 12, 1955

Date of death  - July 18, 2020

We lost an amazing human being July 18, 2020. Diana Marie High tragically died from a very unexpected heart attack, just five days after her 65th birthday.

Born in Oregon City, she grew up in Molalla, Ore., and lived in Oregon, Florida and California before she settled in Washington. There she met her husband Richard High, and for the last 20 years of her life she related she was enveloped in a true love she never thought possible. She was his true love as well, and friend, and partner in all things about life. Their open sharing and willingness to work together to grow and learn was the apex of both their existence.

People always remarked how upbeat and positive she was, willing to do the little and big things for all. She dearly loved her kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, siblings and friends. She always endeavored to make time for them and offer a listening ear, a helping hand and advice if she thought it would help. Many events were held at her house, and her nurturing spirit was always on full display, with loving and fun preparation, always amazing food, and the most welcoming spirit she could manifest.

She climbed mountains, ran marathons, played games, hiked, biked, swam, backpacked, loved concerts, loved traveling anywhere and did, loved watching sports, and loved any "ology" that explored how to better understand and connect with others. She went back to school in her 50's and obtained her degree in psychology and become a drug and alcohol counselor. She had a wide variety of occupations up to then......she just loved to learn and explore.

And she was a deep nurturing soul, who carried empathy for all peoples struggles. She wanted the world to be a better place and worked hard to be the change she wanted to see, as well as having faith to plant wisdom seeds for "shade trees under which she knew she would not sit."

Her last header on Facebook read: "Compassion and tolerance are not signs of weakness, but a sign of strength" Dalai Lama

She was predeceased by her father, James Nutt; her mother, Bessie McFarland; her brother, Doug Nutt; her stepbrother, Steve Little; and her son, Christopher Rummel. She is survived by her husband, Richard C. High; her daughter, Cheri Ritchie; her grandkids, Ariana Robinson, Scott Robinson and Christopher Belles; her great-grandkids, Mikah Loucks-Robinson and Ryan Rogers; and her brothers, Don Nutt, Dusty McFarland and Greg Little.

Due to Covid a celebration of life will be held at a later date. Namaste Diana, we bow to all you were...and are..to all of us.