Fred Steven Brown

Date of birth  - August 31, 1953

Date of death  - November 3, 2015

Fred Steven Brown was born August 31,1953 to Fred Billings and Ida Estelle (Kratz) Brown. He was joined by a sister Karen Darlene fifteen months later in November 1954.

Steve was actually the fourth son of Fred Billings Brown Jr. joining a brother, who passed at 7 mos and 29 days in a crib death, and two living brothers from Fred's first marriage.

In 2013 when his friend's wife died Steve took a huge turn for the worst and his job, his personal life, and his relationships with friends and co-workers all suffered. He went into hiding around June of 2014.

I was told by his closest friend and confidant of some 28 years that he was honest to a fault. If he gave his word on anything he would carry it out to the letter. This made him an excellent employee and he had received many commendations while driving bus for Portland, Oregon's Tri-Met line. He was admired by the riders on his line and earned the commendations due to the calls they had made to his supervisors. It was stated he was a very kind and compassionate man who always made sure his riders met their schedules so that they always made their connections on time. He showed concern for the families of his regulars and they looked forward to riding with him. Around August 2015 he started having problems again, was suspended from duty, and went into hiding from everyone. His friend knew in September he was in trouble from a phone call, but was unable to find him or where he had moved to. He stopped answering his phone and did not open or respond to mail.

Steve never married nor ever had any children. He was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disease and did well while on his medications but every 6-7 years would stop taking them and spiral into state of depression.

It was during a lengthy state of depression, withdrawal from all who knew him and going into hiding that he, like his grandmother, Grace Humphreys Brown, committed suicide.