The establishment of the first school in the Molalla area was in 1856, serving the 'Four Corners' area as pre-Molalla was known. The original schoolhouse is approximately on the site of the present Molalla Conservative Baptist Church north of town on Molalla Avenue, just as you come into Molalla on the East side. A number of school structures were built in subsequent years. A high school course was started in 1906 and in 1911 the first graduating class received its diplomas. High school was located in the two-story building that many remember on east Molalla Avenue. 

A new High School was built in 1925 and 1926, and was dedicated in February, 1926. The enrollment was about one hundred ninety. This beautiful brick building was used until the March 1993 earthquake, and the oldest part was demolished in 1998. The present and very modern Molalla High School is located on Francis Street near the new Buckeroo Rodeo grounds, with a beautiful view of Mt. Hood.



Molalla High School

Back side of High School. Note the wood pile.

Auditorium and Stage

Just Before the Wrecking Ball

Molalla Union High School