Class of 1967's 50th Reunion: August 25-26, 2017

For the MHS Class of 1967 held a joyous reunion, Garry Wynn hosted a get-together at his Sawtell Road home on Friday evening, August 25.

The reunion picnic was held on Saturday, August 26 at Ringo's Pond in Clarkes.

Brad Johnson, John Wickland and twins, Garry and Gregg Wynn visit.

Dorothy Orcutt La Douceur and Becky Colbert Reppeto

Rod Pentico, Dorothy Orcutt La Douceur, Cathy Piper Pile, Marlyn Hanson Pentico, Joan Marshall and husband Nicholas Loschiavo.

Dorothy Orcutt La Douceur and Cathy Piper Pile.

Jack and Patty Hamilton Crawford and Dick Tolleson who brought boxes (and boxes) of chocolate covered macadamia nuts from Hawaii where he lives.

Randy Lake and Carla Werner Potts.

Bill Kelly enjoys his bbq chicken lunch.

Diana St Clair Prichard (standing), Larry Smith, Paul Frome and Jim Sandberg catch up on old times.

Diana Calhoun Myers and husband Michael with Diana St Clair Prichard.

Jerry Rich and Paul, husband of Susan Abrahamson Jolissant

Deana Zumwalt Livesay and Gene Lais pose for the camera

John Wickland, Jon Itschner (standing), Garry Wynn and Wayne Herring.

Maxine Rohrs Brazer

Cindy Dishman (Caterer), Richard Daniels and Sherry Yoder Skiles.

Bill Kelly, Diane Calhoun Myers and Dorothy Orcutt La Douceur

Sherry Yoder Skiles and Kim Clark Wrolstad

Jim and Diana Prichard and Butch Stetson

Lacressia Smith and husband Bert St Clair.

Judy Yoder Burbank and Patty Crawford

(Left to right) - Larry Smith, Becky Colbert Reppeto, Jon Itschner, Joan Marshall Loschiavo, Patty Hamilton Crawford, Marilyn Hanson Pentico, Diane Calhoun Myers, Maxine Rohrs Brazer, Randy Lake, Sherry Yoder Skiles, Mary Booth, Jim Sandberg, Butch Stetson, John Wicklund, Paul Frome, Bill Kelly, Kim Clark Wrolstad, Richard Daniels, Wayne Herring, Lacressia Smith St Clair, Garry Wynn, Jerry Rich, Cathy Piper Pile, Linda Lucht, Dorothy La Douceur, Susan Abrahamson Jolissant, Mickey Bevens, Jim Daniels, Diana St Clair Prichard, Dick Tolleson, Carla Werner Potts, Judy Yoder Burbank, Gene Lais, Kay Story Rich, Brad Johnson, Mike Hamilton, Becky Redding Rogoway, Deana Zumwalt Livesay and Gregg Wynn.